Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design
1399 Johnston Street
Vancouver, British Columbia,
Canada, V6H 3R9

Course Name: Exhibition Design and Museum Studies
Course Number: GEVA Section 1
Credits: (hours/week): 3 hrs. per week (14 weeks)
Time: 1:00pm - 4:30pm
Day: Thursday
Location: Room 288
Prerequisites: None
Instructor: Sam Carter
Telephone number: 604 8443863
Office hours: (make specific time with instructor)
other arrangements for contact: (leaves message on voice mail)
Substitute: TBA
Start Date: Jan. 9, 2003
End Date: April
Office number: 118
fax: (604) 844 3806
e-mail: samcarter@telus.net
telephone number: 604 8443868
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Course Description and Objectives:
The history and theory of museums and exhibition design will be explored along with recent technological developments and methods of presentation. A focus to this course will be research and development of a traveling exhibition that features the “Brunei Shipwreck, Sunken Treasures”
a collection of 15–16th century ceramics found off the coast of Brunei in 1997. Students will consider historical artifacts, the process of discovery and underwater archeology, classification, documentation, interpretation-all parts of the exhibition content. They will research issues concerned with the development, design, management, and installation of a traveling exhibition for Canada. Students will work as individuals on specific aspects of the exhibition
and as a group to provide design continuity. Each student will post their work on WebPages that will be forwarded for comments from representatives from the Canadian High Commission in Brunei, officials for the government of Brunei and the Brunei Museum.

Method of Presentation:
Class presentations, slide lectures, discussions, field trips, visiting experts, critiques, written statements, projects.

Course Learning Outcomes:
The course has been designed to provide a broad overview of exhibition design for museums. Students will research history, theories and forms of exhibition design and museum practices to provide insights into new approaches and designs. Lectures, readings, writings and discussions and will provide information about one of the most significant recent discoveries of art in Southeast Asia, and at the same time, become familiar with differing ideas and customs associated with that part of the world. Students will learn about procedures and requirements for the development, production and implementation of an international traveling exhibition.